Jens Stoltze

Photography Editor
Mads Teglers

Creative Director
Stefanie Djie

Features Editor
Steven Yatsko

Fashion Editor
Melaney Oldenhof

Social Media Editor
Wanda Orme

Art Directors
Mads Teglers & Jens Stoltze

Design Director
Stephanie Specht – Specht Studio
S Magazine

is a deluxe art and fashion biannual with a refreshingly bold editorial mission. Our focus is the human form and the human condition -- we bring to the world leading-edge ideas of what is physical, sensual, and figurative. Since our first print in 2005, our name has meant an uncompromising commitment to gorgeous fashion photography, intelligent long-form articles, and experimental visual art. In a world of continually new and dying magazines, we are a constant reminder of what quality looks like.

Each issue of S is a curated selection of stories by visual artists, as well as profiles and interviews done of creative leaders. S is where today’s great photographers turn to for the freedom and space to create what they cannot elsewhere. S is also where our era’s most trailblazing actors, artists, designers, filmmakers, and musicians jump at the chance to share their visions of what is it means to be human. We are based in Copenhagen and New York City and are distributed to a constantly growing readership worldwide.



Contributing Writer Wanted

S Magazine is looking for exceptional contributing writers with an informed and unique perspective with respect to arts, fashion and culture. Please send a brief cover letter and samples to